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Wenbin Fei

Porous media simulation; Data anlysis; Geotechnical engineering; Reservoir engineering.

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Research demos

A new energy screw pile with thermal battery core
An energy screw pile filled enhanced buy phase change materials to solve the challenges of thermal interference and soil temperature accumulation in existing energy piles.

Network analysis of heat transfer in granular materials
Quantify microstructure using complex network theory (graph theory). Construct both contact and thermal networks and use their features to predict thermal conductivity of sphere packings and natural sands.

Thermal Conductance Network Model
An alternative method to simulate heat transfer.

Rigidity of sands and its impact on heat transfer in granular materials
Rigidity is quantified using complex network theory. Particle shape and local clustering coefficient well relate to predict thermal conductivity of granular materials under loading.

3D Particle shape descriptors from CT images
Sphericity and roundness of every single particle in soil or rock samples

Finite element simulation of heat transfer based on CT image
Generate mesh based on CT images and do simulation.

THMC numerical simulation for complex industrial projects
AEEA coupler linking ABAQUA and ECLIPSE

Experimental study of anisotropy and non-coaxiality of granular solids
by using the hollow cylindrical apparatus