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Wenbin Fei

Porous media simulation; Data anlysis; Geotechnical engineering; Reservoir engineering.

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A new energy screw pile with thermal battery core

  • Wenbin Fei, Luis A. Bandeira Neto, Sheng Dai, Douglas D. Cortes, Guillermo A. Narsilio. Numerical analyses of energy screw pile filled with phase change materials. Renewable Energy 2023 Vol. 202 Pages 865-879, doi

Embedding heat exchangers into a screw pile can form a cost-effective energy pile with a fast installation capability. However, better solutions to handle thermal waves and thermal interferences among energy piles are still required. This work aims to solve the issues by proposing a novel concept of an energy screw pile filled with mixtures of phase change materials (PCM) such as paraffin and “solid” grouting. Numerical simulations are conducted to investigate the utilisation of PCM energy screw piles on reducing fluid and ground temperatures, considering different constituents in PCM-solid mixtures, moisture conditions, phase change temperatures Tpc and operation schemes.